Beam Central Vacuum

A modern cleaning concept – a new way of life! Vacuum faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before. Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and healthier home. Save time, energy and money. No other cleaning system offers such versatility, guaranteed quality and built-in value for money.

Manufactured by Electrolux – the world’s leading supplier of home care appliances, Beam systems are now widely specified by architects and consulting engineers and installed as standard by quality house builders throughout Ireland and UK.

If you are building or renovating, now is the time to install the healthiest, most practical and affordable cleaning method which is designed to last the lifetime of the building.

We have a central vacuum system to suit your individual needs – from an apartment to a commercial building to a 300 bedroom hotel.

The Benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum System

So Light and So Easy...


As the vacuum power unit is located away from the living area, simply carry the lightweight, crush-proof hose and insert the end into the conveniently placed vacuum inlet. A switch on the handle allows your system to start automatically. Choose from the modern versatile range of cleaning attachments suitable for every surface. It's so easy to use, vacuuming becomes child's play with Beam.



So Healthy...

paulmorahanelectricalservicesOnly a Beam Central Vacuum System is clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms.
You and your family can breathe easier in a centrally cleaned home. All dust is removed directly to the power unit outside the living area, leaving the air you breathe completely free of harmful irritants - a real benefit for asthma and allergy sufferers. Indeed, everyone will benefit from the improved indoor air quality in your home



So Silent...

You'll never have to listen to a noisy vacuum motor in your home again. Hear the doorbell and telephone ring, watch television, even vacuum whilst the children are asleep. Beam's exclusive Serenity_3.0 Platinum Range is the ultimate in quiet cleaning performance, as all noise is eliminated from the point of cleaning.





So Powerful...

paulmorahanelectricalservicesOur systems are up to five times more powerful with a much longer working life expectancy than traditional drag-around vacuum cleaners. The industrial strength suction means a faster and more thorough pick-up of dust, providing deep and complete cleaning for every surface in your home.